Diamond Star Roofing & Construction LLC.
3880 Greenhouse Road
Suite 211
Houston, TX 77084
About Diamond Star Roofing & Construction LLC.
Diamond Star Roofing & Construction LLC. was started with the idea that quality craftmanship and materials, combined with dedication to customer satisfaction, would ensure our business success – and we were right! dedicated to following the company’s standards of excellence with the primary focus being customer satisfaction and quality workmanship.

Diamond Star Roofing & Construction LLC. specializes in completely researching the available roofing materials which allows us to recommend the right materials for the job and select the style and quality which will provide maximum return on investment for our clients.

We will consider the condition of your roof and propose a cost effective way to extend its life or a cost effective way to replace it. We won’t settle for nothing short of the best, because we care about our customers and we want the best of the best. We have very high standards when providing our services and you can trust that the work will be performed flawlessly.

We are the most reliable re-roofing specialist, dedicated for the best quality of roofing and maintenance for both residential and commercial customers.

Our ability to solve complex problems with simple solutions has proven invaluable to our customers. Our experience in finding hard to find leaks, has been our trademark.

Whatever type of roof system you depend on, we are skilled and knowledgeable in the fine art of extracting the maximum years of service ability from your system.