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Custom Cedar Fence Companies Houston


Researching fence companies in Houston? Whether you want to replace your backyard privacy fence, or your fence was damaged in a storm and requires repair, contact Diamond Star Roofing for all of your fencing needs. Our fencing contractors serve the greater Gulf Coast area, installing vinyl, wrought iron, chain link, and wooden fencing for residential and commercial customers. Call (713) 300-0385 to request a free estimate for fencing service or email us your specific needs.


Fence Installation & Repair Services

  • Wood fence installation

  • Fallen fence repair

  • Wood fence painting & staining

  • Chain link fences

  • Install Vinyl Fence

  • Commercial Fencing

  • Custom fencing

  • Driveway gate install

  • Residential Fencing

  • Iron gate installation


Following HOA Guidelines

One of the most important things to consider when installing a new residential fence is the master planned community’s HOA guidelines and County specific POAs. Your HOA probably has clear (or not so clear) guidelines regarding the height, material, segment width, and style. This is to ensure a consistent appearance throughout the neighborhood, which along with other guidelines helps stabilize home values. Trust us when we tell you how frustrating it is for homeowners when they build a nice new fence and then have to pay to have taken down and rebuilt. Don’t pay twice, we’ll research your community’s guidelines and provide recommendations aligned within those standards.


Professional Installation& HOA Approval

Getting permission to install a new driveway gate, access gate, or entry way is also important. Without HOA approval you risk having to shell out more money after completion if it doesn’t meet their strict guidelines. Most residential HOAs in West Houston do not allow chain link fencing in visible areas around homes and fencing panels have to be a consistent height, material, and color. Furthermore, we highly recommend you auger new fence posts between fencing panels so that they won’t sag and fall, pulling the posts out of the ground.


Important Fencing Compliance Considerations

A few considerations regarding fencing compliance come up time and time again, so we wanted to share them with you so they don’t become a problem during your project.


  • Property Lines

  • Marking Utility Lines, Sewer & Plumbing

  • Pool Enclosure Fencing Laws are Strict

  • Texas Law Requires 5 feet Between your Property Line and Roads

  • Some HOAs Require a Land Survey with Your Construction Request

  • Some Neighborhoods Require Rotating Fence Panels to Even Out Financial Responsibility



Schedule a Free Estimate with Our Fencing Contractors

Contact Diamond Star Roofing & Construction to request a free estimate for fence replacement, installation, or custom fence construction. Storms don't just impact your home, they can impact your fence! Our team has decades of experience with installing an repairing fences whether metal products, wood products, gates and more!

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