Roof Repair Houston TX

Roof Leak Repair Houston

Diamond Star Roofing & Construction are experienced roof  repair experts serving the greater Houston and Katy areas. We have hundreds of satisfied customers and have nailed down thousands of residential and commercial roofing projects! Whether you notice signs of a roof leak or noticed roofing tiles have fallen off contact us to schedule a professional roof inspection.

We are very lucky to have a team of experienced roofers to fix leaks, missing tiles, and other roof problems. understanding that low slope and flat roofs are the most problematic types of roofing systems. They have less capacity to drop-off water and that creates a pool of water, leading to structural damage and roof failure too! Diamond Star Roofing & Construction is proficient in creating positive slopes and can ensure years of problem free systems installations. For us, roofing is not just handling material and performing a job, but it’s making you satisfied and happy through error free work!

The company’s plan of action is quite different as we initially perform detailed analysis, understand the existing structure and then plan out our roofing services because every roof is quite different from the other!

The most common types of roofing we repair are shingle roofs. Another type we see in rural areas is metal roofing. The metal roofs stand the test of time, can bear harsh conditions, appealing, versatile and most importantly, very convenient to maintain. Our teams are experts in creating positive slopes, which is a certain way to ensure years of problem free systems. Flat roofs accumulate water due to less water run-off capabilities. Diamond Star Roofing & Construction understands these roofing errors and problems, and successfully eliminaties these to ensure the ideal roofing installation approach.


Many homeowners will replace their roof this year due to storm damage wind and hail. Others will replace their roof because it is no longer serviceable or has reached the end of its life. If you have experienced a hailstorm or high winds, we suggest having your roof inspected for damages.  Other companies offer free inspections but Diamond Star Roofing & Construction Inspectors are specially trained by HAAG Engineers.


We can help you determine whether or not you have actual storm damage on your roof. Functional hail damage can lead to leaks from fractured and punctured shingles. Missing shingles from high winds compromise the roof system and create vulnerability to interior damage. Some roofs will need to be replaced because they have surpassed their life expectancy and others because of storm damage, in either case we can help.

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