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Solar Panels Houston TX

We are Freedom Forever solar panel dealers serving home and commercial customers in Houston, Texas. The best time to install solar panels is when you’re having a new roof installed. Bundling the cost of a new roof and solar panels means you’ll get a return on your investment. Contact us or call (713) 300-0385 to schedule a free estimate for solar panels.


Solar Panel Types


When it comes to solar panels you have many choices but there are three distinct types of solar panels differing by solar cell material.


  • Monocrystalline

  • Thin Film

  • Polycrystalline


Monocrystalline solar panels are the most energy-efficient, producing the highest amount of energy output.


Thin-film panels have the lowest energy output and require much more square footage, but they’re the cheapest. When it comes to solar panels the old saying “You get what you pay for” rings true.


While polycrystalline panels have lower energy output per square foot they are more popular than monocrystalline panels because are cheaper but their design leaves much to be desired.


Solar Panel Brands


If you’re researching solar panel brands you’re on the right track. The most important decision to consider when educating yourself about solar brands is the brand you choose. That’s because each brand has its own unique warranty, service schedule, and life expectancy.


Freedom Forever solar panels come with a 25-year power production guarantee. If the electricity output goes below a certain wattage, Freedom Forever will reimburse customers for the difference to pay their electricity bill.


While we don’t install solar panels, we are an authorized Freedom Forever dealer because the best time to invest in our planet’s future is when you have your roof replaced. We work with solar panel installers to seamlessly integrate both services for your convenience.


Texas Solar Panel Rebates

Texans can claim 26% of the cost of their solar panels with the solar investment tax credit  (ITC). You’ll need to include IRS Form 5695 to calculate your tax deduction and add it to your tax return as a deduction.



Request an Estimate for Solar Panels

Contact Diamond Star Roofing & Construction to schedule an estimate for solar panels.

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